3 separate clients – 3 VERY DIFFERENT STRATEGIES

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Just like you wouldn’t use sails on a jet-ski or shin pads in a rugby game, marketing strategies need to resonate with objectives and clients’ needs. Showing careful thought whilst considering the many variables involved in a specific brands situation allows a marketing team to set a solid foundation from which more meaningful creativity may emerge.
Having experience and achieving success in many different industries – with clients’ whose budgets are often poles apart – is a necessary trait of a great marketing department.

Wait, don’t you mean, ‘agency’?
Sure, that’s what Powerhouse Advertising is but I chose “marketing department” because we believe that the best agencies operate as an integrated extension of a client’s business – as if they had their own steroid-fuelled, creatively ‘juiced up’ marketing department.
The following 3 examples highlight how we made completely different strategies work for each unique client…

1) Post-matric training provider

In the industry of education and training, a professional yet still interesting and captivating approach to marketing is simply a ‘run of the mill’ standard for any brand wanting to be competitive – so how did we strategically and creatively transcend the norm?
The typical client preference was to turn to radio, the numbers say it all so we questioned our client’s budget which did not allow for breakthrough – a share of voice which would leave them as a whisper on a media platform which has the lowest recall according to Millward Brown research. No, we needed a fresh approach to deliver some thunder and the CEO wanted something different too.

The key insight at the time was that none of their competitors were leveraging online and social very well, so that’s the route we took. Using targeted promo’s and lead-generation focussed campaigns containing more creative, exciting imagery and copy to captivate emotion, our client filled their classes and achieved a 5% price increase at the height of the #FeesMustFall uprising.

2) Brand New Entrant into the Over-Supplied Commodity Bagged Cement Sector.

As a new entrant into an extremely competitive space – Mamba and Powerhouse managed to jointly secure 6% of the market in a year. That is approximately 35% of the total market we targeted.
The key insights were that the product and pricing was competitive but the brand was unknown and untested in an already over-branded bagged cement market. Further insight was that the trade counter staff in building supplies stores had the ability to influence prospects’ decisions.

Our solution – an integrated strategy inclusive of online and ‘boots on the ground’ initiatives – but we don’t always get what we want…

Mamba opted to go purely with our Sales Activate Service http://poweradvertising.co.za/wp1/wordpress/projects/powerhouse-sales-activate and remained website and social-media–less for 6 months of our involvement (Not what we’d recommend.) This meant that the only initial focus for Powerhouse was to create brochure-ware, find people with the right experience and personality and give them extensive product, market and competitor product training so that they could turn trade counter staff into brand ambassadors. This is not your typical cheese on a toothpick activation team. This is our Power Activation Team.

We discovered that their needs were to:
• Conduct in-store activations – train store managers and on-the-floor salespeople;
• Build relationships with store managers and VIC’s;
• Identify opportunity;
• Facilitate sales;
• Remove obstacles;
• Collect valuable market intel;
• Report back on everything in a combination of structured and unstructured formats (in conjunction with sales reps and the employed project manager.)

So we made it happen…

Once we had found and employed the right people, the first thing on our agenda was: Prepare the activators for what they were in store for – this involved doing extensive research on the market whilst doing brochures and learning about the differentiators of the products.
We then gathered the troops at our offices and left together for the cement plant in Limpopo where we had the opportunity to meet the clients, do a factory tour, present the work we had done (Methods in place to achieve objectives) and of course do some team bonding…

The togetherness of this experience and the strategies Powerhouse had in place paid some serious dividends:
• Mamba extended the initial 3 month contract for the Power activation team, many of which were acting as reps by that stage;
• Many additional stores came on board due to the building of relationships
• Aggressive sales objectives were exceeded month on month

3) Cleaning and specialized Lubricants

When we were appointed, our client already had an extensive range of branded products but a fragmented marketing spend and opportunistic, entrepreneurial approach to capturing market share…

Key insights were that the fragmented advertising was ineffective and that the products were great in terms of performance, environmental credentials and price point. The team was passionate and prepared to invest in determining their own destiny.
Although the budget was very modest, key sectors identified were “petrol heads” and DIY’ers – with the petrol heads identified as having the best quick potential.

T.V. was identified as the key media and in particular the Ignition channel and Auto Mundial which at the time had the most relevant viewership. Using the modest budget, we created informative T.V. commercials with entertainment value and emotive triggers designed for the niche.

The results were quickly noticed and over the next three years, year on year growth exceeded 40%. The T.V. campaign was extended to the entire Ignition channel and then the Home Channel was introduced.

This campaign was a success and complemented with the reviewed website, brochures were developed – evolving and creating a fresh new look for the brand and its entire range. With all these initiatives to support the social media presence we also established…

The result – a 47% year on year growth


“It can’t be emphasized enough how important it is for a marketing team to have experience in a diverse range of industries, making its minds open to a comprehensive set of variables. Conceptual thinking allows creativity to flow across media and messaging more strategically & effectively.”

If you wish to elevate your branding with a collaborative partner or want learn more about our processes, visit our website, poweradvertising.co.za or give the CEO a buzz.

“Your Growth, Our Success.”

Brian Wright
CEO Powerhouse Advertising
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