Concise guide: Move from tell to sell

Telling and selling are NOT the same – It sounds obvious but marketers and salespeople confuse the two like it’s nobody’s business. Quite fitting because if that’s the case, it will most likely be – nobody’s business.

We have often found that peoples’ motivation to embrace your brand has very little to do with what the in-house marketing team is usually focussing on – Namely: Features and attributes instead of human benefits, moods and lifestyles.

The trick is to understand that people and businesses buy in relation to their own situations and for their own unique reasons. In other words, find out how a product or service applies to the target market’s deeper desires – then connect the dots. Therefore, effective marketing should be tailored for the well-researched and general target market – Provided that the target market has been effectively chosen in accordance with a business strategy designed for profitability – Powerhouse Advertising’s speciality.

Firstly, one must realise that useful research involves empathising with the target market and asking the right questions – this should result in the discovery of useful insights in a more “abstract” form. Examples of useful research results, which tend away from generic answers, may include human values such as being associated with the, “In” crowd or attaining peace of mind through a certain brand. Once these insights have been discovered, branding becomes a lot more exciting and effective.

Applying these insights to our strategic processes and brand design is where the real fun begins. It’s fun because it’s a challenge to get awesome results and rewarding because when clients put their faith in us, we do – get the results. Our excitement stems from the fact that technology is constantly pushing the evolution of marketing down new paths – We have entered the era in which effective brands are BEING FOUND, being suited to and trusted by customers rather than just being shoved in front of their faces throughout their business cycles.

In this age of increased technological stimulation, we find ourselves bombarded with advertising that our brains’ have adapted to filter out. It is for this reason that simply “telling” is outdated and to increase profitability, we believe brands need to adapt their marketing in the following ways:

Enhance the probability of your brand being found online. When done right, search engine optimisation, AdWords and social media marketing are highly effective.

– Create a brand image that is completely relevant to your target market and outstanding in relation to competition. Empathise. Embrace. Enhance. Powerhouse Advertising will show you how.
– Have your brand tell a consistently interesting story across all its communications – We pride ourselves in having the ability to develop concepts that appeal to a target market’s emotions with action- inducing messaging and design.
– Finally, stay tuned in to the changing tides within your industry – keep track of potentially dangerous “swells” and adapt accordingly. With Powerhouse, you will come to find that these swells may be turned into waves of opportunity.

Your growth, our success.