Emotive Triggers

Emotive triggers spark the emotions that get you going one way rather than another.


This implies that you and your marketing team need to know just what to say and do to get customers buying your products and developing brand loyalty.

We are not referring to hype and hard-selling here, we are talking about getting clients to move from implied needs to expressing their desires – and for your brand to provide them with what they really want.

This is a virtuous process when done right and will keep clients coming back for more.

To find out what “emotivates” your customers to buy, we use a few proven processes and techniques including: qualitative profiles from established sources; reviews; research; situational analysis and strategy canvases, which will assist your business to unveil your clients’ emotive triggers.


When using established consumer research sources like AMPS® and Neilsen Corp. you need to look deeper to find the underlying drivers of buying behaviour. They are there to be found and incorporated into your offering, creating a sincere and meaningful appeal. Likewise, when you review research, ensure that you think things through thoroughly with the intent of discovering what underpins responses. This is often overlooked when briefing research and interpreting results. Open-ended questions requiring interpretative skills are underutilised in market research these days.

We also advocate using a strategy canvas, adopted from Blue Ocean Strategy, by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. This way of reviewing your value proposition in relation to your competitors and to what your clients’ desire usually shows that there is no opportunity to differentiate based on mood, lifestyle and product attributes.

Remember – Likeability rules.

Effectively identifying emotive triggers will highlight the opportunity to develop a new value offering including cost, utility, communication and convenience but with a deeper appeal.


Powerhouse Advertising takes as much pride in the discovery of these insights as we do in developing and implementing marketing communications because we know that this is key to business success.

Your growth, our success.