How to: Keep your business tuned in to the changing tides

Entering the headspace of your target market.

Powerhouse Advertising believes that staying tuned in to your brand’s relationships with its target audience should be like surfing the metaphorical wavelengths’ emanating from their minds by being as relevant and meaningful to them as possible. It is also about understanding what frame of mind formed those waves to begin with. Applying the insights we gain by empathising with the audience through our processes, is highly valuable. Likeability and memorability are crucial to marketing effectiveness and are generally achieved with a consistently interesting brand personality, corporate identity and set of marketing activities.

Using social media platforms to their full potential is another great way of getting to know your stakeholders. These platforms are tools for research and communication and the professional management of them according to a brand’s personality may prove invaluable. Social media also provides many insights into generational mindset changes such as Generation Y’s “reviews”-oriented brand/product influence. (For example, applications such as Zomato and Uber create trust among customers by providing a platform for open, transparent reviewing to take place.)

Powerhouse Advertising believes in doing a lot more than just scratching the social surface but rather in delving into deeper water and understanding valuable attributes of important individuals. (For example, researching which publications your clients/consumers read in order to understand how to appeal to them more and trigger desired emotional responses.) See, The Art of Emotivation –

Building a brand socially also involves knowing the do’s and don’ts of media-related communication. Staying within these boundaries of acceptance whilst keeping one’s PR story interesting may prove difficult for agencies without the Power.

“What’s the sitch?”

Whilst constantly remaining customer-centric, Powerhouse advertising understands that staying tuned in also has much to do with other internal and external business factors. Being aware of your internal capabilities, for example, is of significance but having the foresight to know its future potential is what will allow your business to ride the perfect wave. Our communicative strategy sessions focus on developing the key value propositions of a business and branding from inside-out. Marketers should visit clients personally, this habit builds meaningful comradery and helps uncover useful insights.

Adaptation to the constantly evolving swells in the external environment via the marketing efforts of your business may very well determine which businesses get dumped on the beach and which ones do the classic celebratory backflip after coming out of the barrel. This could be in the form of keeping up to date with relevant current events and researching the new trends in the market which affect your business. This ensures that opportunities are identified and threats are neutralised. We have found that this knowledge may often provide a means for prospect engagement on social media which keeps a brand fresh and trending.

We are enthused to leverage proven techniques like the strategy canvas together with existing and new research to discover the market insights or “A-ha’s” that influence your brand’s positioning and strategy. By doing this thoroughly, we may identify blind spots and will account for them using creative solutions.

By studying your competition, understanding your business’ key differentiators and then strategically positioning your brand through logic of strategy and creativity of design, we enable your business to remain firmly on its own two feet whilst riding the tides of change.

Identifying your brands Blue Ocean space:

The competitive, saturated and choppy nature of the Red Ocean space of the industry in which your business may find itself can make surfing quite a chore and this is why identifying and tuning in to a brand’s Blue Ocean space is such a rewarding experience.

You may now be asking yourself, “What exactly is this blue ocean space and how do I get my brand there?” Well, the answer is simple to state but requires a highly creative and strategic mindset to identify these opportunities and integrate effective strategies accordingly. Nevertheless, that answer is: Blue Ocean Space, that blissful place where your brand gets to stand out, flex its muscles and fully potentiate its unique surfing skills for only the biggest crowd possible! – just kidding – but not really, because with Powerhouse Advertising you’ll find the serious answer to be just as desirable and more importantly – attainable by tuning in.

Your growth, our success.