How truly relevant is your brand in this revolutionary age?

How truly relevant is your brand in this revolutionary age?

“Updates ready to install” – We’re all too familiar with this phrase in current times.

It’s just a pity that your brand’s next crucial update won’t come as a free, automatic software upgrade, isn’t it?

Yes, well it’s also just a pity that your brand’s logo can’t evolve into a digitally sentient being, animate itself and hack your computer. Why? To command you to freshen up your brand’s communication by going for sleeker web design or perhaps to exclaim that your business strategy is about as optimised for Gen-Y as a Nokia 3310 is for a travelling 19 year old trying to record a live-stream on social media. What can I say, I’m a dreamer, but the fact is that that in these tough economic times businesses are spending far less on marketing even though the opportunities to grow their brands are more prevalent than ever before.

So then, “bite the bullet” – but how?

Before a brand can enhance its relevance for its target market, it is firstly crucial to know that the broader “market” is ever-changing at an exponential rate; secondly – that enhancing your brands relevance and resonance to and with customers is an ongoing process that requires you to Stay Tuned In at all times. Last but not least – you need to know exactly where your brand stands among competition so that strategic and evolutionary opportunities may be identified.

Powerhouse Advertising has found that using our Brand Review process, we are able to work with our clients to discover useful insights from which eloquent creativity emerges…

We tend to focus on the humans behind the label that is, “prospects” and this leads us to finding new and exciting ways of engaging with them – considering many of their probable quirks, emotions and idiosyncrasies. This skill is invaluable in an age where we are bombarded with often generic advertising from all angles.

The next step is to “actionify”/ “actionate” those revolutionary “A-Ha!” moments in the most beneficial way possible. This involves the ongoing communication of strategically original ideas using the best set of marketing channels for the brand in question. Consider them all – choose fruitfully and you might find that the bullet you thought you had to bite is more like a juicy jellybean you tossed in the air ready for mouth-catching.

So aside from all the “think outside the box” clichés, Powerhouse Advertising insists on an integrated approach – branding that speaks in the same evolving voice across all marketing communication – and what better choice than to seek professional assistance from a full-service agency, including media accreditation, that is able to grow your brand and perpetuate its victories.

Your growth, our success.