Winning Brands don’t Hunt for prospects – They are Found by Them

…and if your brand is still a Sleeping Beauty in this Digital Age – You Should know that your Knights in Shining Armour are far too busy enhancing their Tinder profiles to be bothered with your brand, no matter how pretty or worthy you think it is. Why? Because they know they don’t need to search high & low and slay a dragon to get what they want anymore…

Yes, gone are the days where we could succeed in business by simply calling it, ‘Dragon Slayer’ while providing finely crafted swords to the local Vikings in a public space. Why? Because the public space now literally includes everyone with internet access – about 3,885,567,619 people as of June 2017.

Statistical reference:

This vastly inclusive number, along with radical WWW expansion and rising usage rates, has resulted in a drastic shift in consumer mentality.

We are now so spoilt for choice that the way we filter through information has evolved about as much as you or I have evolved from our 185 Millionth Great Grandfather – a fish!

Okay, that’s definitely an exaggeration, but our ad filters really have come a long way!

Evolution reference: (Richard Dawkins)

Underpinned by the sheer volume of information we scroll through on a daily basis, as well as the fact that we curate our content by following specific pages on social media – we have become very picky. This technology and mental adaption to it means that it is now easier for brands to show their content to a mass audience, but more challenging to stand out…

So how do you make your brand thrive in cyberspace?

The answer to this question of course depends on your brand’s personality and market in question but in general it’s about being interesting, compelling and digitally innovative. ‘Interesting’ and ‘compelling’ derive from strategic creativity, digital innovation comes from knowing what’s possible and how to make the tools/processes available work most lucratively for your brand – let’s look at this a little closer…

We live in an age where we’re most likely to support brands we feel connected to, actually experience and interact with. I mean, isn’t it great that you can literally chat directly to just about any brand you choose simply using Facebook Messenger? Aren’t you way more likely to support a brand you’ve actually had a helpful conversation online with?

But it goes so much deeper than that…

First, you need the content and creative angle that gets them interested enough to engage, secondly, you need to send them down a digital path they’re comfortable travelling, a path that helps you build a list of leads and increase measurable, direst sales for your business. Herein lies the finesse, and usually where the in-house marketing department falls short…

From professional Search Engine Optimisation that helps put your brand at the top of the consumers’ search results to creating and implementing well-researched, in-depth social media strategies – Powerhouse Advertising will help you: Update your brands digital presence; Maximise your marketing ROI with measurable results and keep your phones ringing off the hook.

“Your Growth, Our Success.”

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