• Feel Fresh

    Have you ever had a dream where your alarm went off, you silenced it and went back to sleep? Regardless, we’ve all woken up too late to shower and freshen up at least once before work. How were those itches and hair ‘uppies’ hey? Perhaps you unknowingly rocked-up to a formal event wearing a pair... Read more »

  • Winning Brands don’t Hunt for prospects – They are Found by Them

    …and if your brand is still a Sleeping Beauty in this Digital Age – You Should know that your Knights in Shining Armour are far too busy enhancing their Tinder profiles to be bothered with your brand, no matter how pretty or worthy you think it is. Why? Because they know they don’t need to... Read more »

  • 3 separate clients – 3 VERY DIFFERENT STRATEGIES

    Just like you wouldn’t use sails on a jet-ski or shin pads in a rugby game, marketing strategies need to resonate with objectives and clients’ needs. Showing careful thought whilst considering the many variables involved in a specific brands situation allows a marketing team to set a solid foundation from which more meaningful creativity may... Read more »

  • Concise guide: The power of the Emotive microcosm

    Written and researched by Gary Wright “In prehistoric times, great stories were told sitting around a campfire. In the glow of the flames storytellers would share exciting tales to impart information, to teach, to encourage and to entertain. Storytelling is an evolutionary mechanism crucial to human communication and central to our success.” – Parusha Partab... Read more »

  • Concise guide: Move from tell to sell

    Telling and selling are NOT the same – It sounds obvious but marketers and salespeople confuse the two like it’s nobody’s business. Quite fitting because if that’s the case, it will most likely be – nobody’s business. We have often found that peoples’ motivation to embrace your brand has very little to do with what... Read more »

  • How truly relevant is your brand in this revolutionary age?

    How truly relevant is your brand in this revolutionary age? “Updates ready to install” – We’re all too familiar with this phrase in current times. It’s just a pity that your brand’s next crucial update won’t come as a free, automatic software upgrade, isn’t it? Yes, well it’s also just a pity that your brand’s... Read more »

  • How to: Keep your business tuned in to the changing tides

    Entering the headspace of your target market. Powerhouse Advertising believes that staying tuned in to your brand’s relationships with its target audience should be like surfing the metaphorical wavelengths’ emanating from their minds by being as relevant and meaningful to them as possible. It is also about understanding what frame of mind formed those waves... Read more »

  • 11 pins on a roadmap to marketing success

    In the business world there are proven processes and mindsets that when integrated, will guide your business down its own path of prosperity. For 33 years Powerhouse Advertising has refined these processes according to what we have found works, for all brands alike. This article and our presentation-fueled website is our way of giving back... Read more »