Feel Fresh


Have you ever had a dream where your alarm went off, you silenced it and went back to sleep?

Regardless, we’ve all woken up too late to shower and freshen up at least once before work.

How were those itches and hair ‘uppies’ hey?

Perhaps you unknowingly rocked-up to a formal event wearing a pair of music festival Vans and an Ed Hardy t-shirt (let’s be honest – a sleeping shirt worn ironically at best).

Ok that last one was pretty bad, but it’s safe to say that to some degree, we’ve all experienced something like the two above mentioned examples. And let’s be real, the impact on our moods is a lot worse than unhelpful.

You feel a bit stale and uncomfortable, or even a bit of a joke, right?

We’ve found that these feelings are quite comparable to how we, our colleagues, clients & customers may feel about a static, outdated brand presence…

A lacklustre brand image is like drinking a cold cup of coffee because you were too busy asking co-workers for deodorant to drink it in time. And now you smell like the opposite sex.

Like you – your brand has a personality too – so if something about it smells fishy, it’s probably not going to make a great impression.

Think about your favourite people in the whole world – you imagine them not only smelling the way you’d expect, but you also know that they’re far from stale, right?

They’re always interesting and evolving…

In this light, your brand being represented by a flash website from 19-voetsack and a social media presence on MySpace alone is just not something you should want anyone to see.

Ok so, again, the situation probably (hopefully) isn’t that bad for your brand, but thinking as objectively as possible: Do you consider your business’s marketing and messaging appealing to modern outsiders with short attention spans?

One thing is abundantly clear across all industries: The best performing brands are dynamic, interesting and constantly evolving their marketing strategies for optimized communication effectiveness and higher ROI.

How much room for improvement is there for your business?

You might be surprised.

More specifically, are you confident your messages are reaching the target audience and resonating with them to the best of your budget’s potential?

Well again, you might be surprised at what’s possible. And consider that no matter how boring or unpredictable you think your target market is, there ARE innovative ways to precisely target prospects with messaging that resonates – all while measuring the effectiveness throughout the campaign’s life.

So how about putting some Power behind a fresh campaign to revitalize your brand and make you feel “fresher than a pillow with a mint on it”? (Credit: Drake – Lust for Life.)

As a full-service marketing agency with expertise in Brand strategy, media (TV, radio, outdoor), search engine optimisation, Google Pay Per Click advertising and social media – Powerhouse Advertising will get your brand noticed by the most relevant people possible, budget big or small.

Don’t let your brand get bounced for wearing Crocs and a tatty golf shirt,

Feel fresh – get in touch.