About Us

Established in 1982, Powerhouse evolved to become a full-service agency. With an enviable reputation for producing exciting campaigns that deliver results, Powerhouse Advertising leverage proprietary techniques in conjunction with existing and new research, to discover the market insights that influence your brand’s positioning and strategy.

Our passion for discovering insights and developing exciting strategy is matched by our creative campaigns designed to achieve your objectives.


All above and below-the-line executions, ranging from TV, radio and online to print and outdoor media.


Everything from packaging, point-of-sale, mailers, brochures and corporate identities to building wraps, web sites and exhibits.


A practical approach and facilitation process ensure we end up on the same page for Brand Positioning, Brand Strategy, Marketing Communications and Media Strat Plans.

Media Planning & Buying

Our in-house media department negotiate the best price and position for your brand media owners.


We are proud of our ability to source and supply marketing collateral cost effectively.


We synthesize your online presence through the design and implementation of responsive and user friendly websites with relevant and resonant social media management and online advertising. We enhance the power of your brand through marketing efforts such as SEO (Search engine optimisation.) and PPC (Pay per click) campaigns.


We are a carefully selected, well-rounded team with a variety of backgrounds and skill-sets. Each member brings a unique understanding, assessment and interpretation of marketing and design to our clients. We are a team of enthusiastic, creative, and market-savvy professionals who work collaboratively to achieve your goals and build viable, quantitative results.



Car Hire

Powerhouse has extensive experience of this niche sector having worked with major brands.

This sector is overdue for a shake-up on Powerhouse Advertising is well-positioned to offer an integrated solution to car hire brands.


We want an insurance client and cannot wait to get started on a fresh campaign in a sector which has with few exceptions devolved into a plethora of poorly executed hard sell adverts and a price and cash back bonus war.The success of the campaigns brought to life by us over the years always exceeded expectations.

Financial Services

Powerhouse Advertising offer a wealth of first hand experience for financial services and banking across Africa.

We share our knowledge and leverage our full service offering to create marketing communications and action plans to achieve clients' aspirations.

Building & Construction

Targeting the supply chain with a combination of push & pull marketing strategies delivers results.

We unearth the insights that influence strategy and design of brand positioning, cementing communications campaigns in place to build brands and market share.

Commercial, Industrial & Retail

From manufacturer to retailer and consumer, no one wants to be commoditised.

Focusing on the end consumer and understanding their needs and emotive triggers enables us to more closely align the supply chain and messaging with what customers want.

Professional Services

For professional service providers, image and reputation is everything.

Integrated campaigns with a well positioned brand and crafted messaging flighted in pertinent media will achieve the brand aspirations. If you're getting it wrong, give us a call.

ARM’d Associates

We work with smaller, sometimes startup agencies and well-established agencies completing their service offerings to clients. ARM’d Associates only need acquire the skills they do not have and can confidently offer their valued clients everything from the big idea, building wraps, Media Strategy & Buying, PR, Design and Production of all marketing collateral to online advertising, web sites, SEO, Adwords and Social Media.

We free up these entrepreneurs to focus on their strengths while offering the full basket of services. We not only offer consistency of messaging and visual cues, we also enable our valued associates to provide the complete basket from Brand Positioning and Strategy to Advertising and design of through the line marketing communications.



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